I'm stuck in morning traffic its backed up for miles I had 4 cups of coffee I'm bursting I need to pee like right now. I have my legs so tight together and I'm holding myself I'm squirming and kind of bouncing. My bladder cannot hold another drop I seriously need a ****!
beachgurl1187 beachgurl1187
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Adding I wonder if you made,it or did you end,up,wetting yourself I hope,you,had,an,extra pair of pants to wear in case you didn't,make,it

I wouldnt be able to hold it. I would pee or poop myself if I had to. I cant hold my pee for very long. And if I have to poop, I cant hold it long either or I will throw up. So, I say go ahead and relieve yourself.

Sorry for being mean....but kinda hopeing the traffic dosnt let up anytime soon