I Need to Pee...part 2

so, this is how it all went down...i held it til at least 10 something last nite. so, probably about a day. (but i didnt drink that much, so thats not a huge deal.) but later on, it started to be that uncomfortable feeling and i was thinking of just going and peeing and getting rid of it. but i held it and pressed on my bladder and all. i never got really desperate, but thats alright.

however, i did take the best **** ive ever taken!!!! being a girl, i have to sit down. but, i changed things up and sat on the toilet backwards. it was really different and fun and i liked it. (i peed like that again twice today)

im debating trying the sink but i probabaly wont since my sink is kinda small. but i might try it in the shower sometime. i also wanna try outside in the woods behind my house.

but yeah...now im drinking water in hopes of being desperate enough to try peeing in the woods before it gets totally dark lol

iwillnotpee iwillnotpee
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9 Responses Feb 22, 2009

have you ever Peed in Someons mouth.

have you ever Peed in Someons mouth.

I never became desprite and I do not know how to. Any tips.

My personal feelings are like marshfieldman's, but I love watching a girl like need2go! Wish I shared the same horniness about holding, but I really just don't.<br />
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Now, back to the story - I wonder how few people out there have ever tried that? It strikes me as something I wouldn't even think of - going backwards. Outside the box :)

I'm just the opposite. I get turned on by holding, and if I wet myself it means I'f failed.

true it feels good being able to pee after holding it but the holding process is what's uncomfortable

not to me it doesn't feel good

I like to sit on the toilet backwards. It is fun!

I sometimes sit on the toilet backwards to pee. Especially if a female friend had peed there before me.<br />
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Peeing in the shower is fun too. I hold it as long as I can, then can't wait to get in that shower and let it all go - all over myself. The best part is, you can rinse yourself off afterwards.<br />
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Peeing while taking a bath is also fun because you can watch it coming out underwater, or get up and be like a fountain...lol.