My Bursting Bladder

Ok, well my friend and I had a holding contest. I drank a LOT of fruit juice and decided to wait until my bladder was about to burst. Well I waited about an hour and my friend dared me to stand with my legs spread WIIIIDE open and push as hard as I could on my poor bladder, and he would do the same. I pushed down as hard as I could on my bladder and suddenly felt like I was going to pee. I immediately took my hands off and knew that I was in a predicament. My friend then intentionally spilled a glass of water on the floor. I could have smacked him in the face for doing that. He started wiggling a little bit, and then I knew he was in the same misery that I was. I cracked a smile. "Uh-oh looks like someone needs to go wee-wee?" "Hahahaha, no way! I'm nowhere near as desperate as you are!" he said. That's when I saw it. His bladder was so full that he was getting a *****. "Oops!!! Looks like you do need to pee!" I said. He said, "Hmm....hey what are your thoughts on lemonade? Do you think I should make some?" All of a sudden I got a sudden urge to pee REALLY BAD. I was forced to reach down and pinch the lips of my p***y together to prevent a pee-pee accident. Then I realized something. "Hey, you haven't pushed on it yet!" I said to my friend. I then shoved my hand into his bladder, and then it all came pouring out! His bladder gushed for about three minutes. Seeing him pee made me all that more desperate. I lay down and let the pee-pee flow. We had agreed that the winner of the contest would lay down and pee their pants, and the loser had to change their underwear for them, as if it were a diaper change. "Ohhh, Daviiiiiid!!!!!!" I said. David came over and told me to spread my legs apart, and he would get down to business.

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8 Responses Jul 16, 2009


Did you record the contest?

Reading that story made me pee my pants good job lol

I would love to play that game ... might be fun to play desperation and musical chairs at the same time .. two games in one ... you have to get from chair to chair and not pee your pants ... sure would be entertaining ...

Wow, I wish I was the loser too! I also wish the prize for the one who lost was slightly different - but I'm not posting that publicly...

damn I wish that had been me

nice! i wish i could have lost that contest

oh yummie