Have To Pee So Bad

omg, i'm lying on my bed about to pee myself... last time i went was at 8 this morning and it's 5:30 now.

i really wanna pee myself, but my hubby's home and SO would not understand :p he's such a prude... can't understand the near-orgasmic bliss of peeing when you can't possibly hold it in a second longer, and it's actually leaking out on its own... i actually DID ****** the first time i forced myself to wait that long... i screamed it felt so good...

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

Whow, that sounds so wonderful... . I see it right in front of my eyes and this imagination just initiates some wonderful phantasies. Thanks for sharing this with us. So great.

Well...then come lay on my bed. I won't complain as your bladder bursts....as long as you don't mind my mouth attempting to get a drink of your golden nectar. ;-)