Wetness At Work

I have been playing holding and wetting games mostly at home for a while now but while at my workplace a couple nights ago (I drive a forklift truck in a production factory and haul parcels on my truck to the warehouse for loading on semis) we had all our production lines running and very busy with my driving and very, very hot in the factory, and drinking water profusely to counteract the heat. Was drinking water by the gallon or so it seemed and before long felt an urgent need to pee but on my job you cannot just stop driving to go as the lines all get backed up and production is slowed, so I tried desperately to hold on till my break time. With all the bouncing on my truck and my need growing I found it a struggle to hold on, and with my bladder weaknd from pee games at home, it wasn't long before I trickled a little. I was aware of this right away, but looked down and found it wasn't obvious what had happened at this point on the front of my pants, so I thought I could hold on a while yet. Next trip to the warehouse I hit a bump hard and it made me let go some more. This time the spot soaked through enough that I could see a wet spot the size of a silver dollar had seeped though my jeans. Was still about 15 minutes until I would be able to get away for my break, and in about 10 minutes I was bursting...in misery (or delight) and tried to keep from completely soaking. Had a bigger soak moments later right before break, and you know how that urge really hits hard with the anticipation of relief being so near at hand that it makes it near impossible to hold it in, well, I soaked a fairly good size (and very noticeable) wet spot in the front of my pants before getting into the restroom and finding total relief. Knew people on the shift could see the wet spot very clearly and although I enjoy being witnessed in desperation and public wettings, work was not the place I wanted that to happen, so I just told those people that I saw looking that it was so hot that I was carrying a cupfull of water on my truck with me and hit a bump and spilled it on my lap. Loved the experience of desperation and the relief that came with release and may play more at work, only hope I don't wet myself completely from belt to my shoes! lol!
MrIPeeHanes MrIPeeHanes
26-30, M
1 Response Aug 4, 2010

Very satisfying to just let it all out though and soak everything, undies, jeans, belt, socks, shoes, shirt tails. And the relief feels great