Soaked In Traffic

I discovered quite some time ago the pleasure of the contraction of bladder muscles when they finally give out after a long hold. I discovered this actually by "accident" one evening in my car on the way home from work. I had needed to pee before leaving work but estimated I could easily make it home before my need reached the dire point. However, I got caught in a massive traffic jam due to a major wreck on the road. It seemed like hours were going by as traffic remained at a dead stop, and my need to pee was increasing drastically with every passing minute. It was reaching a critical point when I realized I was not able to hold it in any longer, and tried to decide what to do. I couldnt just get out of the car and go, as it was a 4 lane highway and there was other cars stopped all around me and it was still daylight. Finally I had to pee so bad that I grabbed a winter coat from the back seat to sit on as I knew I was going to burst. I wiggled and held and danced in my carseat and held my crotch doing everything I could till I couldnt hold anymore, and finally I flooded. I soaked my underwear, my pants, and the coat under me. The most amazing thing I discovered was that with the involuntary release of my overloaded bladder came one of the strongest ******* I had ever had! Guess I had to come and go at the same time. Upon completing the soak and trying to get my focus back, I realized that there had been a pickup truck in the lane beside me and a twentyish looking female had seen the whole thing. She gave me a warm knowing smile that comforted me a little, and I discovered that it was quite exciting for me to find out my accident had been witnessed. Anyway, I consider myself lucky to have stumbled on this method of "************" and now I frequently drink liquids profusely to purposely overfill my bladder, then put myself in a situation such as at a mall, or concert or ballgame where there is a line waiting to use the restroom, and hold and hold till I wet. I guess it is the feeling of the bladder releasing combined with the excitement of wetting in front of witnesses that really gets me off. I am thankful to have found this method of excitement.
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3 Responses Aug 4, 2010

Love your story. I'd love to experence a traffic jam at least once while I had to pee beyond the holding stage. At home i pee myself and it makes me ***. Reading pee stories make me *** as well.<br />
Love the feeling.

if I had been that woman in the truck who had the privilege of watching you, i would have been very turned on thats for sure!

When I hold too long and pee involuntarily, it comes out is surges like a slow-motion ***********. I guess that's what you experienced. Just as good as sex, and it lasts longer! A full-bladder ****** is very intense, too. <br />
<br />
Sometimes I have to decide whether I'm going to "***" or "go" first, though if I delay too long the decision is made for me!