I'd Love To Swap Readings

Hi, all. I've read for friends for many years. I'm now trapped at home, with no transportation. I'd like to stay in practice by trading readings.
I'm probably a bit unusual, in that I don't have special abilities, powers, influences, or heritage. I'm just a simple reader, fascinated by how it always seems to work better than it should.
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read me please

First and foremost, thank you so much! Your reading dovetailed nicely with ones I had done for myself over the last few months.
When I read your post, I was momentarily intimidated. It felt "spot-on", and I don't pretend to have any gift. But, I promised, and I need the practice, so here goes.
Standard Celtic Cross with an inexpensive generic deck (No artwork in the minors)

1 - 8 of wands
2 - Chariot
3 - Devil
4 - 5 of pentacles
5 - High Priestess
6 - Star
7 - 4 of cups
8 - 2 of pentacles
9 - Queen of cups
10 - 3 of wands

I see some financial difficulty in the past, but with emotional stability and a strong creative streak. The challenge is to keep control of that creativity, and maintain that stability.

There's strong indications that an uptick in fortunes is coming. There's a fork in the road coming, financially, and you need to use your friends to find the best path.

You probably won't be rich (sorry!), but by harnessing your creative energies and remaining true to yourself, There is a lot of personal growth in your future.

I hope this helps a bit, and I, too, thank you for the opportunity to read for you.

PPS Thank you for the opportunity to perform a reading for you.

My appologies for the delay in my response.
Initialy I get the impression that you are a very sturdy staight forward type of person, concerned mostly with home and security at this time.
The cards I drew for you tell of a difficult time that will produce the security you are working for.

This is a non-standard celtic cross, using my dragon tarot deck

1)Ace of Coins (Reversed)
2)Five of Wands (Reversed)
3)Three of Wands
5)Eight of Wands
6)Nine of Swords
7)Ace of Wands
8)Seven of Wands (Reversed)
9)Six of Wands (Reversed)
10)The World

You are feeling at a loss, unsure of your new path. Perhapse there are too many things, or people competing for your time and energy after a major change in your life. I get the impression your whole way of looking at the world has been turned on it's head and you are still realing. It seems as though this trend will continue for a while.
You may feel overwhelmed but inside you have a wise heart that knows all change brings opportunity. Something new to learn, new memories to make, and new skills to gain that will become useful later in life. Maby even a new vocation.
Even though what you are striving for seems to remain elusively outside your reach, dancing, and sometimes running, away again and again, warmth and security will be reached. I have the feeling you will stumble into that state of being without quite realizing it at first.

I do not intend to make you upset.
May you recieve all the blessings you deserve,
and may you recognize all the blessings you recieve.
With love, Kyria

P.S. I am alway asking for feedback

I have no opinion either way. I you'd like to go first, that's fine.

I have no opinion either way. I you'd like to go first, that's fine.

Who would go first?