Im A Bit Perplexed About My Spread.

Well in a nutshell I've been in treated in this girl at work. We had lunch together earlier this week.... I had a good time and she did too. She was laughing a lot at my jokes and humor. She used to show interest in me more by saying things about what I've done in the past that she remembers.... Things I never remembered.

Well anyways I may have ruined what little chance I have with her I get so weirded out and never know how to talk to her its like I'm a kid who's fallen in love for the first time. I'm so dumb and self conscious of my self. Well thought I'd look to the tarots for some guidance .... I pulled these cards out using the relationship spread. I'm asking for help and guidance in a time that I need it most. I'm having trouble dechiering and would love everyone's help regarding their thoughts and ideas.

The spread went like this.

1. 2
3. 7 4
5. 6 conscious level - xx Judgement
2. On the level of their conscious mind- VIIII Stregenth
3. My emotional level king of pentacles
4.on the level of their emotions.- three of wands
5. My behavior or attitude - Queen of wands
6. Their outside behavior or attitude - ten of swords
7 relationship situation - two of cups.

Again I think I'm too strong up on emotions and not seeing clearly... The heart wants what the mind doesn't see I believe the old adage goes. Again I. Help in this situation would be most appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to help a heartbroken man.
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Keep attitude clear of negative energy and you will be good.

im a newbie at tarot myself but il take a guess...I think you are ready for a serious commitment(KOP) but i think shes more into dating and pehaps there may be another guy on the scene for her???

Thanks its always helpful to see different perspectives on this. And you seem spot on. To bad about the other guy thing though but it does feel like she is hiding something from me.

Ten of swords literally means betrayal and backstabbing and being as shes in the TOS position,I think she is not trustworthy and prolly witholding secrets!