(first i wanna make a side note that saying marijauna instead of pot is like saying vagina instead of *****, or calling the devil Lucifer... lol so proper!)

ok, back to the topic at hand, it was my own personal decision to quit smokin pot about six weeks ago because since it's not legal (yet) you still have to pass a UA to get a decent job almost anywhere nowadays... and as sad as it was my utter hatred of my current employment status is the main reason for stopping the pot. i have another story around here somewhere that describes my love and relationship with my best friend, Mary Jane, but as long as we've been together, (10 long years) and as close as we are, (i couldn't even get thru probation without her!) i'm sure she understands that this is for the best and only temporary! what kind of best friend wouldn't want you to better yourself, right? so while it hurts my soul to hide my beautiful pipe and my awesome bong, i will return to her one day when times are better for both of us!

the way i look at it, on a serious note, is i've been doing the same thing for the pas 10 years and it's gotten me nowhere that i wanna be so i should try something new. and yes, i did go thru a period (about 2 wks) that i couldn't sleep properly, and nothing sounded good, foodwise, but most of it was purely psychological. it was my brain trying to tell me i needed it because it missed her so much. i finally came to the realization that i'm really about the same either way. (or so i tell myself so i don't miss her too much. lol) i hope this helps somebody, or at least entertains em anyway....

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well, i guess what i mean is that it's temporary because once i get where i wanna be, a better job, outta this ****** little town, basically settled, then i can enjoy it again. the only real part of it that has been holding me back is that it's illegal, so i can't pass a **** test for a better job, to get more money. so if i'm clean, instead of trying to find some clean pee, or trying to swindle a UA, then i'll be on my way to being able to do what i want with my life. and if it turns out that i am not able to return to smoking, then as long as i am happy with my life, then i guess i didn't really need it, no?

Where are you at now? How did this go?