I Did Quit...after 32 Years!!!

My last cigarette was on march 20th, 2012. 6:00pm. I started smoking at age 12 and kept at it until age 48. I had tried in the past to quit. With acupuncture, chantix, nicotrol inhaler...even power of will...nothing ever happened. I even lied to my physicians about the amount I smoked...I was smoking almost 2 packs a day, but I claimed 3/4 of a pack. I live in new york city and cigarettes here are $15 per pack. I used to order by mail, but they changed the law...I couldn't afford it, anymore. I got the nicotine patch and, against all hope, quit smoking in 7 days...I've been tempted, of course. My partner still smokes. 2 packs a day, and when I see her cigarette in the ashtray I'm very tempted. But I never relapsed...which is strange...I'm also a recovering alcoholic. Actually I relapsed into alcohol only twice...let me just say that it was so easy I don't even feel proud...hey, if I could do it, you can, too! Good luck!
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Jan 15, 2013