For Many Reasons.

  I'd love to for my health, for my mates health, hell even my dogs health.   If second hand smoke can be harmful to a child, I imagine it could be harmful to an 80 pound dog.  

 Then to top it off, a PACK of  smokes is $10.00 now, and going up another two!In their supposed quest to stop people from smoking,  they  have raised them a bit each  when ever they think about it.   $55.oo a carton in Indiana where the smokes used to be a bit more reasonable.   *sighs*  any one with good ideas how to get the smoke out of my lungs and the  Government out of my man's pocket every night ?

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and i'll be rooting you on!!!!

i wanted to be liked back then...i wasn't...but i wasn't willing to conform to whatever they thought i should do to be accepted.....i always came back to the thought "if the cool people tell you to jump off a building to be accepted....would you do it?" and my answer was always, NO that would be crazy. LOL<br />
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i truly hope you can find the strength to beat this (i know you can do it)

i can understand the people who continue to smoke because as mentioned above it is an addiction.....what i do NOT understand...what i will NEVER understand is why people start smoking in the first damned place!!!! and don't give me the crap about heredity or peer pressure both of my parents and all of my grandparents smoked AND my only 2 friends in school smoked and i never EVER felt the desire to try it. they smell awful and i don't put anything in my mouth that smells that damned bad LOL

Cold turkey best.<br />
<br />
Course you could suck on lollipops (don't shave your head thought) or take up marathon sex as a 2010 Olympic performer or suck on sour lemon hard candy .....<br />
<br />
Maybe that's enough.<br />
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See this:

no it was called chantix

yeah i hate to say it but your state is probably the second most corrupt state government in the country mine is probably making a push for 3rd and is probably number one in incompetency LOL<br />
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my mom smoked a pack and a half a day for 40 + years and she got some pills that really helped....she had actually quit completely at one point but the pills are fairly expensive i don't know if your insurance (assuming you have any) will cover them. my mom had medicaid and they covered it

i was hoping you would realize i was joking.....i give up on politics don't think its gonna matter much longer

vote republican

Quiting is hard and different ways work better to different individuals. My best length in time has been to quit cold turkey. I also need to live in a smoke free home. If you never quit b4, needing to do something with your hands help, along with hard candy or gum. When ever you crave, take a deep breath of fresh air and then compare it with a drag of a cig. I wish you the best in recovery.