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I had to edit this story since my plans have changed some. I still want to be an actress and move to New York, I just haven't picked the right school for me yet. I might still need to raise money. I'm planning for next spring/summer. ^.^
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Hiya, Baby,
I've read several of your stories and I see that they are some time ago.
I do hope that things are working out for you, I really do.
But, if you ever want to chat to a kind ancient married guy, who is really quite lonely in some ways, well, please get back.
Maybe have a look at my profile first !!!
Peter xx

Don't over look internships...paid-training that offers relocation housing isn't bad at all. Disney has paid internships and housing, but the housing is only offered to the college-interns that go to Disney in FL not in CA. But if the intern position is higher up the food chain than a standard everyday position, that might be a different story. Anything Disney related on a resume or college-transcript looks great and if can find your way onto things along what you want, even better *nods* Other tidbit, Disney is keen on promoting from within, so if can get foot in the door in a area you're wanting... ~_^ Then there's always the option of moving around once in anyways tho' *nods*

Thanks for the advice :)

All of your life is still ahead of you::))

True :)

You can always start up a Kickstarter as well.

Have a short film showing off your amazing skills, have a Kickstarter option open so people can donate so you can go to school. It won't pay for the bills or anything (maybe), but hey, you will have your foot in the door.

There are more chances and more opportunities, just gotta piece together everything!

I am working on it! Thanks!

School certainly helps.

I'm going to give you the 'bad' advice, but let me qualify it by saying that I work my dream job as a games developer - this is very close to the traditional entertainment industry. I've worked with some people from the world of film and music and from what I understand it is similar but different - there is more pressure, more short term contracts and less reward for the majority of employees.

The way I got in was by knowing how to do my job, being able to prove it and by knowing people already on the inside - I am self taught, no degree, no qualification of worth. This was not 10 years ago in the 'golden age' when there was no competition it was 4 years ago, and I got a job that is usually filled by an Oxbridge graduate from a good college.

Qualifications don't get jobs, and in such popular fields as acting, or even film and entertainment in general, they don't even get you a foot in the door. In some fields the quality of graduates and the idea that academia can somehow make anyone good is a running joke and a hindrance for employers... Think about how many people graduate from film academies and performing arts schools every year.

Now, qualifications do certainly help, but you will do a lot better for yourself if you can get in through the back door as well. Go and harass would be employers - take other jobs on set, maybe to save up for that year to get your year course? Get to know people already in the industry and demonstrate your value in person... show willing to bust your balls to work hard. Actors have to do ridiculous, uncomfortable hours some of the time... even the big Hollywood types. Its also a useful life skill to be able to enter into a new group of people and become valuable to them...

Thanks for the advice

you can do this.. it's your dream. If you seek aggressively, there are a lot of scholarships available, especially if you show need. You may have to live with roommates or do whatever you can to minimize those expensive living expenses.. I would think current students would be helpful with that information.. ask the admissions office if there are students that you could email or facebook with. You may have to borrow money, but be careful with that.. but do NOT give up on your dreams and settle.

Thanks, ill never give up, I'll do whatever

might be waiting, loans from relatives and govt, and working during school...or a cheaper school. maybe college offers scholarships. or you can go to the lee strassburg institute in new york. not an expert but just some thoughts.