Why Does She Always Effing Get People To Take Her Side And Think Shes So Effing Perfect!

okay so i know she balding and plays the pitty card with pretty much every person she makes eyecontact with BUT WTF.
she dosent care about ANYONE but herself and talks so much **** that i want to stick a effing porto-potty sign to her ZIT covered forehead. i know i can be a ***** BUT GOOD GOD she out ******* me by a MILE.
seriously, i know i'm not such a good person but i DONT go behing peoples back and talk. and everyones just like "Becca your crazy shes so nice, im one of her closest friends she wouldn't say anything about me behind my back"
YOUR ******* STUPID.
because shes sitting there telling me that you looked like a ******* dragon with no makeup on and calling you a *****?
i try to tell everyone shes no good! but nooooooo. shes just soo perefct and you shouldn't discriminate against her because shes balding and dosent know how to apply makeup...BLAH BLAH BLAH!
and what do i get? A ******* PUNCH IN THE FACE! just because im the only non-twoface so i told that ***** to her face i dont like the games she plays so she punched me in the face so i grabbed whats left of her hair and pulled the **** out. WOOPS MY BAD. BUY a ******* wig *****.
She stole my best friend with LIES. she made people i was close with think i was being unreasonable. and turned my boyfriend against me. so you know what i ******* hate your ******* guts and i will win. cause guess what i already stole your man.

to all the people that just cant win, but know they are right.
good luck.
Beccaisdabest Beccaisdabest
1 Response Jul 19, 2010

Am I wrong to find this funny? Cause I feel like I need to be smacked for laughing at you snatching her hair out. Don't worry, she'll get hers.