Friendship Is For Suckers

Dear Liz*,
I would think that six years of friendship is more valuable then a ******* guy that we just met! I mean really Liz..really? How could you, you know that not only was I crushing, but another friend was crushing on him. What the **** is going on in your mind? And I may not show it right now, but I'm so pissed at you. I took a long *** trip to another city at 11:00 PM. I can't ******* see at night, But I was thinking we were just going to laugh and chill with this guy...together. And we did, he was cute and charming, and we both giggled when he spoke because of his very attractive accent. He made my heart melt, as well as yours. We stayed for hours, looking at the stars, laughing and individually thinking about him, and slyly texting each other text about him. I even sent you a text talking about my ******* CRUSH on him. CRUSH. Again, what the **** was going through your mind. Our visiting our came to a depressing end as he walked us out the back door. I walked down the stairs smiling to myself thinking about his adorable smile. I turn around waiting for you to do the same, but instead I see you at the top staring down at me with stars in your eyes. "You have your keys don't you" You said with a giggle. Confused, I nodded my head and jingled my keys so that you could see. I stood there as your eyes motioned towards the car, and you repeated your last phrase over, "You have your keys don't you." But this time with a little more clues to what was really going on. I stood there a few seconds processing what was going on. " Oh" I replied spinning on my heal to face the direction of my car. I quickly walked to my car, in the dark and fumbled with the key as my hands trembled, I felt tears coming, but I mentally pushed them back as the lock turned over and I opened the door. I got in and shut and lock the door. I turned on the radio and focused...well tried to focus on the words of a song rather than the situation that was unfolding in front of my eyes. I looked at the time which read 2:53 AM. And began to tap my foot waiting. 3:00 came and went, and I contemplated leaving you. But I couldn't because I could figure my way out of the subdivision...3:15 arrived and not wanting to walk up on anything, I pulled out my phone and sent you, "It's time to leave...for real!" I waited until 3:20 when I seen two shadow appear from behind the house. I looked down and pretended to text on my phone. As the two shadows approached my car they stopped in front of it and drew closer to each other. I kept looking at my phone not waiting to fully see what was happening. What the **** Liz...really? The shadows separated and your slowly approached my car and opened the door.
"Sorry."you giggle making me sick to my stomach, "He said to pull out that way." She said pointing.
"I know, I'm not ******* stupid." I replied starting the car and backing up waiting for him to do the same so that I could get out of the subdivision. He pulled in front of me and I followed as he helped my navigate my way back to the highway. I was doing 70 and the speed limit was 45. That should've been a big clue that I was ******* pissed at you. But I insisted that I was tired. When we got back to my house, I laid on the living room floor and used my laptop to get on facebook.
"He's a really good kisser." She said on the low, kind of in a bragging tone. almost like she was teasing me. I squinted my eyes as I looked at the screen trying to figure out if she was ******* serious, or if what she had just said was all in my head. I ignored the comments and closed my laptop, turned over and went to sleep. The next day, I was excited to take you home, I felt like I was going to **** you up if not.

I don't know if I can forgive seem to want to keep rubbing this **** in my face. And I really don't appreciate it, you KNOW I liked him, you KNEW that our other friend liked him. And we KNEW that you liked him, but we didn't even think to ever do something like that! I mean really Liz, What the **** are you thinking?

-**** You, Karma is a *****!!!!

*Liz isn't her real name, I changed it for the purpose of this letter.

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2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Wow, I had a friend just like that. Now I keep her at arm's length. Some people just need to be hacked off.

I feel a little better :)