ok, this may sound whiney, but I really need to just rant and no one seems to care. If you think this is just me complainiong speak your mmindm, I mean that is what this group is for right?

Anywho, I'm 17. I just graduated and stuff, and Idk I figured I'm going off to college soon so everything should be going pretty good right? wrong.
Lets start at the begginning.
My dad has me and my two younger sisters (14 and 2) I take care iof the baby. I get her dressed give her baths, the works. I cook all the meals and clean everything up afterwards. I do all the laundry, mop, sweep, do dishes. Basically every chore, sometimes my dad makes me clean his room. I mean what the ****, really? My dad is basically a big baby that I have to take care iof. Free time isn't really ever in my schedual. I work, but don''t get any of the money at all. ASnd yet my dad still finds somthing to ***** about every day about how I am not doing anything to help out. He wakes me up every moning to get his child dressed. I have to feed her, clean up her messes and clean her up when she is dirty. I thinki he has changed about 4 sdiapers. He even gets angry if somthing comes up on hdays he has her, because "I'm supposed to take care of her"  It's like I had the child. My grades were slipping because I had to do all of the stuff for him and I got in trouble for that too.
Now here we are, I graduated recentally, and have been planning for college. I'm only going becaue If I didnt he would be on my *** about it. I say I want to become a teacher and he tells me how stupid that is. He has no faith in me at all about anything. Yet he still expects me to go. He wants me , though, to go to a college close to home so I can drive back and fourth. That way i can work, do school and still work around the house. And even though he is makeing me stay home I have to pay rent and buy food as well.
I dont know, mnaybe I'm just being whiney about everything but this **** ****** me off.
Thanks for listening, I feel better. 
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No, it's not whiny at all. I'm in a similar situation (although not quite as bad).