Just Do You Job.

I consider myself a good girl. I'm never late for class. I (almost) always to my homework and reading, but I think my oldest brother's DEATH is a pretty freakin' good excuse to miss class and forget to schedule my math test. That's why I've sent you MULTIPLE emails trying to talk to you, BUT YOU DON'T CHECK YOUR EMAIL!!!! You are only in charge of a small number of students, and it's YOUR job to take care of them!!! You didn't respond to ANY of my emails for TWO WEEKS over Thanksgiving Break! I didn't even think you read them!You finally sent an email to all your students for late scheduling, which right after word you finally noticed all my emails with my scheduling information. After all the drama and stress I've be though from my brothers death and missing a week of school and after all the questions I need YOU to answer you simply replied: "Oops…disregard my request for the Second Chance email…obviously it was at the bottom of this one."
CrazyWhiteMage CrazyWhiteMage
18-21, F
Nov 27, 2012