Just Me Having A Rant Over Somthing That Makes Me Want To Pull My Hair Out

So I have been forum based roleplaying for around 2 and a half years know. Though it feels a lot longer. Yet today one rpg has been making me want to pull my hair out over something that wasn’t even worth the fuss to begin with. Thanks to the admins on the site. I never had this sort of problem before and yet they decided that there going make a fuss out of it when there was no need to.

So I have this character that I have played/playing on two sites. One of them died and the other is closet to dying. So as I love playing him I decied that I would save him and take him over to another site here I knew he would fit right in as he is the sort of charator that you would find on the rpg. Yet the admins created a fuss instead. Everything could have been fine but no the created a fuss over it. They are so far the only site to do so and I used to play him on a site that was owned by a guy who know co owns a very popular rpg site. Though on that site I played him as a half blood instead of a human.

So my character is 15 and has a drug addiction due to being depressed about losing his mum and brother. His app was taken from the other site I play him on with the only thing that changed being his age. Everything is the same word for word. So with him being expected on the other site no questions asked. I essumed that he would be fine on the site. I expected for an admin to look over his app and accept him. I didn’t think that they would pend his app when it hasn’t happened before well at least not for the reason this site penned it I had baslicly said in his app that his bother got cancer at 13 and then died a year later from it spreading. I then said that a year after that his mother got caner and died the same year. Yet they pended his app for apparently being “un realistic and not complete”. I don’t get whats wrong with it when I have played him on two other sites. So I replyed back saying I didn’t know what was wrong with and add some uk statistics about cancer to back up my pont from the cancer reasherch website.

They also had the never to ask if I was going to be active with my other charators despite the fact that I had posted in the part timers thread to say that I wouldn’t be able to post all the time as I am at college and have a part time job so I can go to college. I told them I would post when ever I could yet they still have the never to ask me if I was going to be active and the last time I checked when the site almost died I was the one of the few that stayed and tried to plot with people and do threads with those that had joined or where still there. I think at the point there was like 5 of us including the head admin. I was there trying to make the site look active as I love the site. I didn’t/don’t want it to die yet its making me want to pull my hair out.

So the main admin replyed and asked that I add more information on what type of cancers they got and how it progressed and stuff as there are lots of different types of cancer. The main admin even had the never to say that If it was just his mum that had the cancer then it would be breast cancer. Just because his mum is woman doesn’t mean she will get breast cancer. Not every woman who gets cancer will get breast cancer. I find that just being plane stereotypical of woman and if I was had cancer that wasn’t breast cancer I would probably be offended. I don’t see why I should have to spend my time researching different types of cancer when my charator spent a lot of time taking drugs. Do you really think that he is going to know some of the stuff that the doctors would have told him and his parents. Then It was his dad that filled in the application form to have him sent to the school for drug use. His dad doesn’t know why he took drugs but wants him to get help so he can complete his dreams. So I fell like explaining different types of cancer in his app would be pointless to his story line.

I know some of you might be reading this(that’s if anyone is reading this) and wonder why I am having a full on moan about it when I could be speaning my time changing it.Well I am moaning because my app gets pended yet in another app the player put that In 4-3 years the character was able to become a psychologist. I takes around 6-8 years to become a doctor and a psychologist is a doctor. The app was also accepted and then there is another accepted app where the player didn’t stait what course they did at American college yet somehow ended up as counsellor. These apps where all accepted in the past week and yet mine get pended for similar reason that there apps should have been pended. Even worse the second app was written by a mini admin who also acspeted the first app. So shorly if they are an admin then they should of known better. Then again the only reason that they are an admin is because they are real life best friends with the head admin. I fell like so much is messed up on this site and despite how much the head admin has advertised she has yet to pull any new members that didn’t know any of the members on the site. Despite advertising for months. Yet people are joining other sites with the same plot.

All of this just drives me insane to the point of where I want to pull my hair out. I’m even tempted to leave the site as I don’t know how much more I can take. Though I don’t want to leave as I love the plot line and have quite a few established character on there but yet some of the people on there ar just driving me insane.
seanto seanto
Nov 28, 2012