Okay You Are An Angel

but WTF?

you say there are so many of you,
but the world is still a mess,
because you are so greedy,
and soooo selfish.

there is no oneness,
you don't believe that everything is one,
and if you neglect one you neglect yourself,
and if you hurt yourself you hurt someone else.

yeah vice versa

so freaking what,
I see you for what you are now,
I am not afraid of your powers any more,
since you don't even practice what you yourself preach,
you are no angel,
no messiah or jesus with super powers,
you are just a puny human running around pretending to be something s/he is not,
and for what huh?

I don't know what is your issue,
maybe you just never really cared for the whole entire world,
since you knew that you were just human all along,
and could never accomplish nor live up to your label you decided to weigh heavy on your shoulders for all to see.

who made a fool out of who now?
maybe you thought you could care for everyone,
but you just can't,
because to think you can well that is all just a croak of horse sh!xt!!!
so stop telling people you are a bloody angel,
and tell your friends to stop it too,
because the world is still in need and tears,
because everyone is just ruled by ego and self,
not by oneness or mutual empathy nor compassion,
yeah guess EGO makes you human,
an "angel" whose feathers got clipped.
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Dec 7, 2012