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I am so fu.cking sick of the gun lobby in the US and the millions of brain washed sexually frustrated red-neck idiots who subscribe to its utter

This week we had TWO random shooting sprees in our country. One, in a mall in Oregan, one in an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in Connecticut.

Please explain to me how the right that was given to us 200+ years ago- to form militias and shoot single shot rifles- should apply to concealed semi-automatic pistols. These to things are NOT comparable, and while they may make you feel more like a man or satisfy some freakish need for a sense of control the FACT is that our poorly thought out gun policy get people killed. Every day.

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3 Responses Dec 14, 2012

I agree, and no one needs a semi automatic weapon to defend their home against a robber and etc...a simple shot-gun is enough, anything past that is unnecessary...and for those that think's a counseling and psych meds, your paranoia is out of hand!

I live in Oregon. My friend knew one of the victims that died. It was a tragedy.My youngest child came home that day crying. She was scared. She was worried that it would happen to her school. She kept crying, "mommy, mommy, why would someone DO that?" That is what I want to know.People are blaming mentally retarded kids. They say that those kids should not be aloud in schools with our children. I tell them that it is that kind of hatred that got those young children killed. I do not believe in violence, I am a Buddhist. I am, of course, against guns, and although I am not exactly loud about it, here is what I think:"We should not take away people's constitutional rights." That is what they say. I have something to say about that considering those same people saying that are the reason I cannot get married to my partner of 18 years. We are NOT a free country, so lets not pretend to be. If restricting on their access to guns could keep my child safe, I would do it any day.

WELL SAID! I agree.....How many armed psychopaths does it take to change a gun law!