Fool Me Once,shame On You. Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me.

My favorite flowers are red tulips, you bring me white daisies. My favorite color is black, you color me with pink. My favorite food is chicken, you make me steak. My eyes are blue, you can never remember. My favorite punk band is Green Day, you think its Three Days Grace. My emetions are shattered, but yet you think i can handle everything. My middle name is Breanne, you always think its anything but that. My birthday is July 2nd, you can never remember. My oh my love, whats happened? It is as if you know nothing about me. What will we do? I sit here and wait for you. Love you with every ounce of my soul, wanting nothing more to feel your arms holding me again. But is that not the same for you? You sit there. You sit there with her. With your arms around her laughing, whispering sweet nothings into her ear. Too scared? Too scared to tell me youve been with someone else for a month? What happened to honesty, being more open with eachother? Or, maybe you meant that only was for me to do. So what happens now, love? My trust in you is gone. My heart i gave to you is broken, shattered into a million little pieces that will never be able to be fixed. Do you care? You say you do, that you regret it and she is nothing, that Im the only one for you. How can i believe you when youve lied once more?
SilentlyLost SilentlyLost
18-21, F
Dec 15, 2012