So Let's Talk And Not Dance Around It!

"I ain't never seen, heard, nor smelled a topic so dangerous it couldn't be talked about" Can't remember where I've heard that phrase before, only that I believe that I am someone who needs to talk things out with people. Not talking always makes things worse.

I need real honest communication and not guesswork. Have you ever had friends or a S.O. who just expected you to pick up on their body language, the things they don't say, or read into the things they say in the way they want you to pick up on it? I can be very good at reading people through behavior-It's practically half my job at work.  It works for me -but there I am completely focused using a mix of science and instincts and frankly it's exhausting work that is never 100% perfect.

I wonder why I can't seem to bring this ability "home" with me.  I realize that I suck at reading people when it comes to friends and people close to me.  Then I am completely clueless. I pick up on some things but I dismiss them or give them the benefit of the doubt or I say the wrong thing and wrong time.  I think subconsciously I don't want to or am scared to analyze the things they do.

Note:  This isn't a rant about any one specific person, though when I wrote this I did have a few specific people in mind.
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Jan 13, 2013