Me Vs The World Vs The Snakes In My basement

You get to be the first people to get to hear my little piece, because this bullshit is really getting to me.

This whole retarded twelve year old **** scenario is busting my bubble. I could put this in a nicer way, but hey, I'm not known for being polite.

So, I hear that everyone's super concerned for the younger generation. They're dressing nastily, smoking, drinking, up to all kinds of shenanigans behind mummy and daddy's back. And the hilarious part is that NOBODY seems to understand why the next generation is so damn filthy!

Well, friends, I have the answer! But to help you find the answer, look into your polite, wonderfully modest adult selves (If you actually are a good role model, kudos to you. Keep going. I actually applaud you) and your wonderfully modest friends. We need some good, hard self reflection. Do you drink? Smoke? take any drugs? wear too much makeup? Go to a Halloween party dressed as Slutty Satan? Do you wear tiny shorts and stupidly low cut tops everywhere you do? Does your *** sag out of your pants? Do you cuss like a sailor everywhere you go? If you're still reading, chances are that you have done at least some of these things more than once.

As an adult, you NEVER stop being a role model to children, whether you like it or not. We all know that no matter what happens, adulthood is like that beautiful, beautiful thing that a child can dream of and there are going to be things that a child is going to be introduced to at a young age and that's inevitable. But the idea that smoking and drinking and dressing like you lost the rest of your pants is totally awesome and cool and a sign you're an adult is a LEARNED BEHAVIOR. I like caps lock. It's a great expressive tool.

If you are in public and around children, they are watching you. Maybe just for a second, but it adds up. If you're acting like a total feral in public, the kids will notice that. Children aren't mature but they aren't stupid either. If you don't want to see the next generation sucking d*cks left right and centre, don't start acting like a wh0re in front of kids. It sounds like the fun police but if you're going around in your tiny shorts and a margarita, high off your **** complaining about the youth of today, just shut up. Adults are a role model. Act like a role model. You want the kids to stop acting like wh0res, stop making that kind of behaviour look like what all adults do.

Also, there are snakes in my basement.
ThisIsMediocritiesOldAcc ThisIsMediocritiesOldAcc
18-21, F
Jan 23, 2013