I'm so sick of people who don't notice the boys who self harm. They are people too, and most of them probably want help just like us girls! And to all of you who think that kids are just looking for attention by saying that they are depressed are wrong. We are trying to reach out for help and even a comment so simple could push someone over the edge. Do you really want to be the reason a young life is gone?
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exactly, yes some are for attention but most are depressed and need help

As someone who has been in the hospital for blood loss due to self-harm:

Self-harm is a very serious issue. I remember when I began... It was an escape out of reality. Reality was something I could bare to take part in. I was a painter on a canvas; the unsheathed sword danced across my wrist. I do use figurative language but this describes how it felt... Until I hit the pavement head first.

I... Was using self-harm as an escape. Not only that.. Attention.

I want everyone to know that the blade is not your only friend. People out there do care for you.