So I hate living in my house...

I'm a good kid, I make okay grades. I'm a teenager. I don't do drugs & I smoke ciggs but who wouldn't if you lived here? My grandma is sick. I'm stuck at home taking care of her all the time. & I love her don't get me wrong. But I've never had a sleepover. Never been able to go to the mall with friends & go places with them. Oh, & I'm a mommy too but funny thing is, it isn't even my kid. I watch my cousin all day & all night. I clean up behind 5 people, 2 who don't even technically live here. Never really had a childhood. I have no mother. I've got a dad who spends more time at work & with his girlfriend than he does me. I never go out on weekends. Not allowed to have a boyfriend till I'm 30 as my dad says.

Don't tell me I'm complaining, & that I should me thankful. I am. I really am thankful for what I've got but the point is I feel like I'm missing out on everything. God, I can't even learn how to drive & it's excuses after excuses. I take care of everyone, clean up behind everyone but it's still not enough. I get screamed at for stupid ****. I'm almost 17, by the way. I'll be in 5 more months.

I don't know what to do anymore, feel like my life is passing me by. I've barely began to live because nobody makes time for me, I can't even walk anywhere, I can't even stay in my room.

kelaaax3 kelaaax3
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Sometime you have to be the lighting rod, it happens trust me. But that doesn't mean your life sucks. Sleep over not that great, less drama on school on top of that. On top of smoking don't. You're a "mommy" don't give them the influence of ciggs, and even then take them out of a walk or even a jog to breath a bit. And if worst come to worst just know you won't be held down forever. Trust me, I'm turning 17 in a couple of weeks, life isn't great but I'll make the most out of it, being forced into a academy force marriage and I got my license but I can't do anything with it. I also got force into ROTC. My dad doesn't believe in friends, so I can't even talk to people, I'm stuck watching a freshmen who gets what ever he wants. When I did work for my time, that was the only time I got free, or when I was force by a pt teacher to wake up at 6-7 to begin jogging.

The point isn't that she won't be held down forever. The point is she is missing out on her childhood, which is a once-in-a-lifetime event. No real responsibility, don't have to pay bills, tons of free time to spend with friends and have fun and instead of enjoying her childhood, she is having to take care of everyone else and having all these burdens no teenager should have to deal with. It is nonsense. No teenager should "have to be the lightning rod" which is equally ludicrous. It doesn't have to be that way and it shouldn't be that way, not at that age. Her dad is obviously worthless, she has no mother, she spends all her time taking care of her grandmother and cousin and is allowed no free time. That is prison, sorry, but it is and that is not being a kid. That is forcing a kid to be an adult before she's even an adult. Not allowed to drive, not allowed friends apparently, not allowed a boyfriend, not allowed anything. I don't mean to lash out at you (Knightirish), but to say a teenager "has to be a lightning rod" isn't true. The reason kids have to be a lightning rod is because their parents are incompetent in doing their jobs and are taking things out on their kids that aren't their fault.

My advice to you, kelaaax, is to make plans when you are 18 to move out and go to college somewhere far away and get your life started. You should not be burdened with taking care of everyone else when you haven't even gotten your life going yet. It's not that you would be saying you don't care about your grandmother or cousin, it's more that if you don't care about your life, no one else will. It's unfortunate that you're being pushed into this situation, but you really have to get out of there and go to college or do something that involves you moving out as soon as possible.