Please do not be offended. I am just not happy.

I do not like this world. I don't like people. Some people are just pure idiots. Sometimes humanity just make be sick. Some people that I am around make me sick. Why can't we just stop being selfish and actually help people instead of needing money to help. I hate my life. It's not from day 1. It's was when my confidence went down the drain when some people decide to think I am nothing but put worthlessness. I hate when people think being mainstream makes you cooler. So what? I don't like being mainstream or I don't want to have an account on every social media sites. At the end I just need to succeed to move on in life. I don't mind making friends as long as they don't force me to be someone I am not. I had those friends before and I am pretty done with them. I just want this world to be better. But we are in someway taking 2 steps back when we try to take a step forward. I don't get why some people think they are better than me when they're clearly not. Maybe because they are younger, but still, don't dare say flaws about me when you have the flaws. I hate hypocrisy. I also want people to accept religion and not bash on it. Seriously, that gets really annoying. I will admit that I have make some mistakes before that I think I have mentioned but I want to change. Another problem that I have is some people won't change into the better. Some even change to the worse. I am sorry if you get annoyed by me saying some but I don't want to direct this rant to everyone in the world because I know there are really amazing people. It's just the people I am around I am not happy with and there are others somewhere in the world that are worse. All I want is to live in a better world.

But it's too much to ask it seems. 😔😔
Alyzza123 Alyzza123
16-17, F
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I agree with you