Whats It All About????

ok....i am such a soft and gentle giving person...but have noticed something thats relly wound me up over the past month or so...

as most of my friends on here know i am a medium/empath....i do have my own website and i created it for people to come and learn and grow together on their spiritual journey...to find comfort and peace...understanding etc...wether it be growth in their gifts or bringing comfort to those who have lost a loved one...

anyways enough of that...my site is FREE...no catches...no ulterior motives but created by me and my pocket..but from the heart...

i have noticed there are so many sites like mine out there now that you have to pay a subscription for...you get invited there and its all made to sound wonderful..they want to help you blah blah blah....but you have to pay!!!! lol

and then on top of it...you have to then pay for tarot readings..or mediumship through e-mail and the on that really pissed me off was you had to pay for healing....thats what brought me for my rant....

a gift is a gift...not given to make money from...whats wrong with these people...im so fed up of people using this as a money making scam...a quick dollar.... guys be careful if you join some sites..look into then carefully before hand....as a true site wont charge you for joining or anything alse come to that...

ok im done i feel better now....breath!!!!!

like to now though how many of you have found psychic sites that have asked for you to pay.....

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Reminds me of a song "What's It All About Alfie"; free or not, if it's a sincere try to help people, I wish you all the best.

What you all are saying has truth and I agree to a point. <br />
It is also true that Medicine men, Shaman and others have been reimbursed <br />
Throughout history.<br />
<br />
My original point is that some medium/empathic people are very different<br />
And because of there gift may have a difficult time working in the mundane world.<br />
<br />
At the least we should do as Tummie said above “…be very careful…”.<br />
<br />
My heart just goes out to a few empathic people who I have known who have a hard time living in our Western culture…DD

If your gift is for real then a higher power has selected you to deliver it to the world. You are doing the right thing by offering your services for free...when there's money involved people tend to think that it could be a scam.

You're a good person. It's too easy for people to turn around and charge for services like that. I guess the main reason is because it's not a gift just anyone has - us normal people have to turn to someone else for their help.<br />
<br />
On the other hand, I have heard of people who think it's better to pay for it. If someone offers a tv for free and a tv for £300, most people will believe that the tv you have to pay for is 'better' in some way. Mental conditioning. There could be no difference and people would still think that.

well damascus i do beleive in free will, and we all have a right to choose what we want to believe or not....i respect that in all people, i guess cos ive seen and experienced it in black and white and glorious techicolour i am lucky....i try to say have an open mind, rather then not believe, as until you can prove it dosent exist you cant really say it dosent, the same as until you can prove it does exist you cant say it does....:o)

Maybe you have a good intuition, combined with kind heart, that probably helps people. As a skeptic, I won't believe your magical powers XD. However, I applaud you for doing it for free, rather then these fake cash stealing websites.

Please be open minded when you read my honest reply.<br />
<br />
(1.) I agree that it is BEST if you are not asked to pay IF you are smart enough to appreciate what is given to you for "free". Believe me many are not.<br />
(2.) Many who are who are DIFFERENT then normals have a hard time surviving in this world built around the normals limited paradigm. This is especially true for men. I used to believe as you, until I met this wonderful Shaman who lived in the middle of “civilization” Denver. This unique Shaman would be honored in any pagan culture. He was ridiculed by normals. If I had the $ I would have subsidized him. He HAD to make a living.

I also agree. I think if money is involved, one has to be very careful.