My dad is is almost the laziest man I know! I can't even handle him.

He always complains about how lazy I am and how I don't do anything. When I'm the only person who does anything around the house!

When I ask him to help me he freaks out and calls me lazy and pushy. Even if it's the only time I've asked him in two months and I asked nicely.

He has this week off of work for vacation, so since he's not "exhausted" from working hard all day I decided to ask him if he would help around the house.

It was almost five in the afternoon and he hadn't done a single thing all day except chat on Facebook, watch divergent and eat half a tub of ice cream.

His response to my inquiry was "I will! Hold on a minute! Ugh!" So I was like, "dad, don't yell at me. I'm just saying it's almost five and you still haven't done all the stuff you wanted to do today." And he was like "I'm not yelling!!! Stop exaggerating it's only four thirty!"

Omg, four thirty IS almost five! What even?
How, are you making this about me right now? It's not my fault your bed smells like someone died in it! Get over yourself.
theonewiththelove theonewiththelove
22-25, F
Aug 19, 2014