Since the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO questions have been raised about racial division.
I have no brothers, but I have quite a few male cousins, some teens and some younger asking if they're going to get shot.
As crazy as that sounds their parents had no response for them. Because what is a parent supposed to say in response to a question like that from their child?
It's like a war not just toward blacks, but specifically toward black men.
In a town where the police force is majority white, and the community is majority black, that's a bad mix.
Even though it was said that he stole some cigars, that didn't give the officer the right to shoot him 6 times.
It goes back to other cases, for instance the Trayvon Martin killing. A black teen walking along minding his business, but he just looked suspicious. Another case when a black teen girl was in trouble, and came to a white mans house for some help. He decided to shoot and kill her because he felt his life was being threatened. Because all black people are dangerous in some way right?

Yes, not all white people are like this but a good amount are. It's a never ending cycle, and it will continue to go on and on. With racist people teaching their children these things, and them teaching their children, and so on. It will continue to go on. Lots of people think hey, it's 2014 that should be over and done with. Yea, that would be nice but no. Racism is very much alive and well still flourishing.
Also, when it comes down to Obama, I personally like Obama. Yes, I don't agree with every single thing he says or has done but I feel like he's trying. When it comes down to this tragic Mike Brown shooting and I see people on social media talking about how Obama needs to get off his "lazy *** and do something" it ****** me off. Because what the hell can Obama do?!!! The shootings in these states what is he going to do???! These are state issues! The state deals with this. I'm sick and tired of people pinning everything on him.
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Well stated. If more people were thinking the way you are, maybe this wouldn't happen as often.