I hate to say it, but I think my friends are abusive. Not physically, because I wouldnt let them and they wouldn't dare but verbally and emotionally. Friend #1 I've know since we were 20 or 21, boyfriend of an ex friend of mines and then we became close. So much so I was the "maid of honor" at his own wedding of his new husband. We always were "snarky" to each other, its our trademark but there's times were he takes it too far with me. Or just too far in general. Paula Deen was outted as a racist and it didn't bother him in the least. Now I wanted to make a point that if someone viciously called out gays in the media and then make a weak apology, him and his husband would want their heads. Hypocrite, much? Few months ago we were all going to go on a daytrip to St Augustine. They know I have money troubles but really wanted to go, so instead of somewhere expensive for lunch they could've at least let me go to McDs or something- but no as it would've "been out of the way and were trying to stay on our diets". HELLOO, no one's making YOU walk in, it would be MY lunch. Anyway, I didn't go in the end. Turns out they abandoned Weight Watchers for the second time and the gym- so much for that "diet" huh? Then one time when we had dinner, he called me some BS "blacky chan" or whatever it was- my mouth dropped and I couldn't think of anything classy and clever to zing him back with while everyone else laughed I felt embarrassed. Yes, my friend is casually racist but because he grew up around blacks that makes it "okay". Fed up, yet and still I am there because besides being an obnoxious know it all and proud, self righteous git, he has been the loyalest friend I've had. Then again, fed up. We were supposed to hang tonight for the Doctor Who season premiere. He tried to show me some related link, then he made a remark and I wondered to whom was he talking about, so he asked "If I were slow or something?" I was listening to my music beforehand I told him. Anyway, he accused me of being hyper sensitive and I said that if I had told him something like that, he'd of took it personal all weekend. He didn't think so, but by then I was out- I told him I was gonna sit this one out and he had a choice of just sending me a plate or not. I'd rather torrent the new episode and just watch alone. He's been depressed, moody, and unhappy lately and most decent things that's been happening to me, he's $hitted on. Personally, that's not how any real friend is supposed to be. I feel as if he's got an issue with his life, he needs to do something about it. I'm not his punching bag. There's a "part 2" I guess. To be continued..
Lov3intheasylum Lov3intheasylum
36-40, F
Aug 23, 2014