Incompetence Is Taking Over My World!

Well peeps I don't know if its that time of the month for me or that time of the year who cares but I'm really on a tear lately when it comes to incompetence. Where and when did it become fashionable to be totally incompetent in your job. Let me give you an example. I am considered a V.I.P. Customer with my local cable company. Doesn't mean important person believe me! It means Video, Internet, and Phone. Now way back when they first installed just cable TV it was wonderful had all those channels and life was good. $9.95 a month for like 60 channels. Then if ya wanted for an extra 10 bucks they would give you a fancier box that would get all the pay channels. Hell I even got playboy! Life was better than good. Slowly the price started creeping up, but they gave ya a few more channels for the extra doe. Now for the sake of not making this rant a novel I'm gonna speed ahead a few years to when the cable company's got involved in the Internet. Being somewhat of a techi hound I had to have it. Wow it blew away a dialup for sure. Now for these two services it cost right at 50 bucks for the leaned out version of cable TV and the cable modem. Not too bad. As time went on and everything in life started costing more these two items were right at the top. Now I was paying $100 a month for these two great services and I noticed as the price went up the hold times and problems went up? Modem was down half the time or went up and down regularly. Cable company says be patient we are upgrading to a better system. Guess who got to pay for that! Right on the customers! Now we are up to $130 a month for these two services and neither one is worth a ****! TV is screwed up half the time and lets not even talk about the modem but they are now running on fiber optics yahoooooo! We are flying right? Hell no its slower than ever and they charge ya extra for the new digital service! Now we are up to $150 a month for these two services. Damn getting expensive! Service sucks, **** don't work, cable guys are fucktards and I get this great idea. They also offer phone service now so maybe just maybe if we get that they might pay a bit more attention to us since we are now V.I.P. Customers.  Yeah I'm a glutton for pain! Now we are paying $179 a month. Now I aint been really keepin count but if we haven't called them 600 times in the last two years I'll kiss your *** and I am slow to complain to them. Ya know give them the benefit of the doubt. **** that I've had enough. So I call them one more time to tell them to come git their **** and lo and behold they hook me up with what's called the retention department. Now this has got to be the best kept secret in cable history cause when You ask one of the tech's about it they stumble around like you just told them they had a huge booger stickin out their nose and their pants are unzipped at the same time. Now mind you ya gotta know the secret word to get into the retention department and that's disconnect! Say those words and they will shoot ya right on over there and hell they worked out a deal and dropped my bill $50 bucks a month! Holy **** I'm in heaven but wait my **** still aint workin. Well we ended the conversation with promises of it being fixed right away. Now right away to the cable company is "The first open appointment for a tech is in 3 weeks can we schedule you for then?"3 weeks what are you freakin nutz? No Monday Night RAW or WWE Diva wars or no DR. Phucktard I mean Phil or no hillbilly truck mud races  no deadliest catch for 3 weeks! Ok well yeah schedule me I guess. 2 weeks and six days later everything starts workin fine! Tech comes nothing wrong sorry cant fix what aint wrong. Now I'm ready to open a can of whoopass on this cheesedick and my girlfriend calms me down and he leaves unscathed. So we call them up again the next day when the **** goes back to not working. Needless to say **** the cable company! They are hiway robbers who know they are ****** ya and not even offering the courtesy of a reach around! Now on to Pizza delivery drivers! Where in hell do they find these morons? No offense to the guys that got their **** together delivering pizza (all 3 of them worldwide) Now I likes my pizza and I want it hot and made the freakin way its spose to be. I live in a small town of about 30 people ok so its not rocket science to find my house. Give these poor bastards a map or at least call me They just cant git it tho. I ask them at the pizza joint to have the driver call so he aint wandering around town for 20 minutes while the cheese hardens on my pizza. Then! Then! The idiots stand at the bottom of my stairs on my porch knocking on the door like they are afraid to wake me for 10 minutes staring up. There is a huge doorbell right there Big round black ****** but nope they cant see it! I live in an upstairs apt. And there are 3 doors before you come to mine so I cant hear them knocking. They never call they always get lost and they always forget to bring everything and have to go back to get it. What the ****! And god forbid ya give them anything over a 20.
 Cant make change! And why if you order a pepperoni, sausage with mushrooms cant you simply have what you ordered! For christ sake its too simple! And by the way for any of you folks out there that are workin at a pizza joint, you aint buyin the fixxins so put some on that pizza! Shove that little cup they give you to measure with up your bosses *** and make some customers happy! Used to be resturants gave you more than you could eat and it was good! Now they skimp on everything and it taste like ****! Whats up with that? And it costs 3 times more! I dont know sports fans this is a growing problem and next its gonna be those very same kids in charge of this country! How do you feel about that? Well this rant is getting kinda long and I know how tired ya'll git reading so much so I will continue this at a later date and we will talk about whatever I'm pissed about at the time! Thanx for listening and hey leave me a comment and tell me about your last encounter with an incompetent ***!

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1 Response Mar 26, 2009

Gosh darn it, why can't they give you what you ask for. Makes me want to kick people in the face.