Can't Tolerate Theft!

Hi, I live in a diversified community. All kind of people living around. I thought that was a good think when I bought my house, but now I am not so sure. I have been robbed twice! Both time I have seen teenagers hanging around. It could be coincidence but I think they are involved.

Why do they have to be so obnoxious, some teenagers? Pls tell me. They trash the area, they don't show respect for others. They steel from people they know (and they don't know) They think they deserve it all..

I love all children (I am a mother) but that is not normal teenager behavior. I used to be one and I was never like that (nor my friends) My ex-teenager never strayed like that either. I think it all comes down to parental guidance and control.

I really resent moving here to this neighborhood. I am 99.9% sure that some of the teenagers in the area are responsible for the robberies occurred here. Losers!  Not smart or strong enough to get out there and get themselves a job so that they can afford to buy what they steel from others.

No offense intended to the good, well behaved young people who are a the pride of lots of parents.


snowblues snowblues
Feb 11, 2010