He's A Guy!! Why Is He Acting Like Such Needy Girl?

So I am in college and I'm an hour and a half away from home. I am dating a guy up here and everything is great! i have this friend back home who i do miss and all, but every time I talk to him he always says he misses me and it makes me miss home even more and its kind of annoying  and tonight i tried to say something about it so him and he freaked out and won't respond to my calls or texts!   its driving me nuts i just want to have a regular conversation with him but every time it turns him into missing me. i miss home enough they way it is and it doesn't when he reminds me how far away i am. I feel like i've lost one of my best guy friends because he's turned into a needy girlfriend!  

lexisugar lexisugar
Mar 4, 2010