Same Thing As In Real Life

Shunned and bullied. I'm sorry I ever found EP.

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2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

As adults, we have the ever present option of personal choice. We may choose as we please when it comes down to situations like this. We may choose to stay or leave as we so please. It is most unrealistic to expect or misbelieve that we shall be loved/liked by all and sundry. Totalitarianism is a very restrictive garment to wear with any degree of true comfort. For God's sake and yours, invest some quality time and effort in to accepting and approving oneself and before long one's quest to gain the approval of all others shall fade just as the evening sunlight gives way to twilight, just as nature intended. May you find oneself before any more of one's precious life time expires.

=( Could not listen to the Comments and just Vent/Rant everywhere. Basically what I do, 1 or 2 people may just happen to comment.