I Just Realized A Part Of My Learning Disability Is It Takes Me Repeatitive Reading And Slows Me Down

I Just Realized A Part Of My Learning Disability Is It Takes Me Repetitive Reading And Slows Me Down. I'm a very Slow Reader to things, because for me to grasp and understand what I Read. I find I have read something at least 3 Times. Always. Then the more complicated something is. I can average some of my Readings for me at taking me 10 Times. So I made this Interesting Group "I Need To Read Things Over Again By At Least 3 Times Or More"

When younger, I haven't had a lot of words defined in my head. So much of my Reading would lead me to Word Searching and trying to understand their meanings. I am not like others with this pace.  I'm Meticulous with trying to understanding Ambiguous Words. Then to Absorb and Understand any such Paragraphs. I need the Paragraph to represent in my mind what something is getting at.  I'm not a Person that Reads words once like on a train track and it's immediately understood to me. I do notice problems with attention and focus. But trying to keep it in place doesn't work. My mind can easily be distracted. Cause my mind finds many routes to contemplate something on and do some contemplating. That's me.  I have trouble deciding or wanting to read large amounts of stuff. For me that will take what you see and multiply it by 4 times. That's what it will be like for me to really be able to read something like this.  So that is why I've never been such a great book reader.

ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Mar 13, 2010