Like My Twin Sisters Need For Drama

like my twin sisters drama 24/7
she drives me crazy thats why i dont call her too much
its always drama every day
lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
1 Response Jul 24, 2010

thats so sad i think its in all familys mine too<br />
i have to keep away from my twin sister shes so misrable and she makes everyone misarable too<br />
its sad , she cant stand that iam happly married and have a good husband , i feel she so jealious<br />
of me . she could have it too if she would stop with the drama games .she gives me a guilt trip making me feel guilty for having a new car ,ive got payments on it , she even wants me to add her to my cell phone account . i tell her no i cant do that . she thorughts every thing up in my face youve got <br />
2 big computers and 3 lap tops and i dont have any thing like that , my lap top is for my book , my daughters got my old lap top shes responcable . my sister i tell her i am not your keeper i didn take you to raise i know that sounds mean but . i have times where i am broke too i pay all my bills, i responcable with money ,she never was . but sents ive cut her off helping her i should say inabling her by giving her money . she knows how to use me .but ive cut her off now that iam getting my books published she throughs that at me too she thinks the publishers have written me a big check for writting my books . but its not true any thing to cry and be the victom .