Goodbye Msn

Msn is getting closed down! I heard it on the radio, and they began talking about special moments from those days- the first time they typed lol, the first time they saw an emoticon, the first time they saw boobs, and one of them had asked out his first girlfriend over msn.

Which made me smile. This story may be a bit inappropriate, but oh well. I joined msn when I was 12. I had gotten my first computer (the first computer to ever enter my household) and I made an email just so I could chat on msn with all my friends. We were so lame we made all our emails match in some way with our names, lol. I soon made friends on msn outside my real friends. They were from another state and all went to the same school, but I was really close to them and they ran up their phone bills to $900 calling me. I even met up with one of them when he came down to melbourne. That was when I was 14. But after some time we lost contact. Until a year later and I got back into contact with Aiden.

Aiden was the first boy I showed my boobs to, technically it was over webcam, but it was still fun :p he showed me his bits, and it became a routine of ours between sharing what happened in our day, laughing about various topics and bearing our souls. He was the bestest friend I never met, lol.

We remained in contact till I was 21, when I decided it was time I took a break from him. I loved him so deeply as a friend, but I knew our friendship was quite sexual so because of my boyfriend, I gave it a break. But now msn is closing! I feel like I need to jump on one last time to find a new way to contact him if I need to in the future. I know we haven't spoken in a while but he's the sort of guy where I know we'll always be friends. Ah.. How sickenly sweet :)
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really it will be no longer available soon?just like friendster?hhmmm sad ha...

what the hell is friendster :P ? omg one day ppl will say that about msn! *cries*