Memory Loss

I've a BA in Social Science. Graduated in 1992. I'm not sure which graduate program I want to enroll in. Community Development attracts me because I'd like to develop housing for very low-income disabled people. I've experience in grant proposal writing.

The tough part: I often think I'm too old. There are so many bright young students out here. Wouldn't employers prefer to hire them? My cognitive abilities are deteriorating. Menopause has affected my ability to remember information. As a result, I have become "slow" in my thinking.  

At other times I simply feel too lazy to attend professional school and that makes me feel very guilty. Almost all of my immediate and extended family members earned graduate degrees. I wouldn't mind earning more money so I could live in a house and set aside some money for retirement.

Can anyone out there relate? I feel alone in my "slowness".

It shows at work. When my boss asks me how I did something, I cannot remember. so, I piece together what I can remember. Late on I remember more of the procedure, and the real way isn't like the way I described to her at all. I'm not lying to her and others, I just have difficulty remembering how things went. I seem have huge blank spots in my memory.

This week I started a free trial at It is a collection of drills to enhance the memory and sharpness of mind. I rate as extremely slow in completing the games.  Perhaps they tell everyone that so people willll buy subscriptions. I don't know. I know I'm no longer sharp.


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I empathise on this-I often have blank spots and then have to make things is not that I am intentionally lying but have no other choice as my mind seems to shutdown and I can't explain why. It makes things complicated. <br />
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It sounds like you are trying to work out how to make most of your abilities. Listen to yourself on what might help. <br />
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I don;t know much about the affect of menopause on cognitive abilities but don't beat yourself up too much or fix on just that. There may be other things you can offer that other younger people don't have. I wish you a lucky break.

Hey, thanks for commenting. Can yu tell me what you mean when you said, "maybe you got a college degree, and you can't supprot support it." Sounds like an interesting observation, but I don't understand what you meant by it. Thanks.<br />
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I am definately not above working at a fast food restaurant. Theyare good jobs because one can get a free meal when at work. Also, fast food restaurants are doing more business than ever in this poor economy.

Maybe you got a college degree, and you can't support it.There are no more manual labor jobs. Get a job at Burger King, like I will, when my business fails to pan out.