So Maybe I Need to Rethink My Move

I really should be like put in a corner with no human contact when i get emotional for like a day or until i can think clearly. which in most cases is more than just a day. so i while ago i made a decision that i was goign to move and that poeple won't undestand my decison. but now it just seems like not the rigth thing to do no more. huh it's really amazing how i was lso freaking sure i had made up my mind and asked around about transfering. but now its seems so stupid i mean god so what if this happened! im such a drama queen thats waht i realized but i dont know hmm i kinda want to though just for the hell of it move but stupid rigth.

browneyesweetie browneyesweetie
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 5, 2007

I don't think you are a drama queen, you are still young and yet to experience all the sweet and bitter fruits of life. There is nothing wrong with you, but yes do think twice when you are about to make a life altering decision. All the best