Saw Her

At a interesting rally... Needless to say that I just hung back and let her and her partner just have a little fun but damn was it neat to see.

See the pic that I snapped?


Had to modify it a little to meet with EP but hey it is still interesting....

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13 Responses Aug 13, 2010

What you forgot about the stockings? LOL!!!!! You tried on the fishnets first but opted for the ones in the photo....

Well, I should HOPE you didn't say it Pixie, you know the damn thing is actually fairly tame...<br />
<br />
(I didn't even NOTICE those stockings before!!!! OMG!!!!)

The purple and black stockings.... Meeeooowwww! ;D hehehehe

*pssssst Sara* I didn't say that, Pix whispers..... :-)

IT DOES NOT!<br />
<br />
You photoshopped that pic too much!!!!!<br />
<br />
It's a fairly small trampstamp....

And Pixie says your tat looks just like that.... LOL!!!!

Whew! OK! I thought my memories of that day were off or something....

Your right the pig-tails are yours!!!! I'm sorry!!!!

Oh, wait... I thought those pig-tails were Mine!

Oh come on Sara I think that your down playing it... You held on to those pig tails for dear life!!!!!

Yeah... it wasn't QUITE this good...

holycrap!<br />
<br />

My tat is NO WHERE NEAR that big!!!! You photoshopped this too much!!!<br />
<br />