Ssshhh...the Mr Hasn't Seen It Yet..

....But I wanted to get your views on my wedding dress, is it too much...yah know, not revealing enough...?

MrsLalaninjacakes MrsLalaninjacakes
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35 Responses Aug 13, 2010

Isn't it just!?

it is a little too long, isnt' it?

Ummm... me, not so much. But I admire the guts of any woman who does!

I could seriously wear something like that

That's what I was OUCHING about... but it'll be hurting everytime she MOVES! EEE-YOUCH!

That'll hurt when it comes off

I just looked at the pic again... I think desty is right... it must be GLUED on... ouch ouch ouch


Maybe for my church service I'll wear that... <br />
<br />
You know what else would make that pic look perfect? If she were preggers!

I dont think she is, I think she's just a little trashy

No idea

would work well, wouldn't it

mouse, Im sure you could, very easily


I stand corrected, TS. "Prowed" it is. And is it EVER!

Crotchless bodice or front slit slit would be an improvement


Elbows are bad

the dress is revealing enough, will make a man wonder what the rest of the boobs look like. and wonder if the panties are just as revealing. will the one doing the marriage studder. will it be like, i i i i i now now pronounce you , whats your names. his eyes never leave the dress., mine sure wouldnt

I know mine would be when I turn up like that

Her parents must be SO proud!

me too

love it

how much did that dress cost??

one jiggle and she's out and about

why isn't his fly open you could have a nude wedding ya know

Just the sort of stately and elegant image that every soon-to-be bride wants to portray.

LMBO you can rock that dress for sure.


Hehehe, hell yeah!

Hey -- Go for it, girl!!! And then go commando!

That low? Was thinking bum skimmer?

Exactly! How about...oh... mid-thigh?

I thought it was a little long. I do have good legs and MUST show off the shoes

Nice bodice, but surely you could shorten it by a few feet.