Life Is A Nightmare.............if You Look Too Closely.

I’ve never been raped. However I grew up in a house that fostered many children so I saw the results all the time. I hated that adults could destroy children like this. It was big part of my life identifying and dealing with children like this.
I still if I see the point work wether or not you have been abused at 100 metres – I can read the body language. But if they are adults mostly you can’t do anything. Kids though I try to act on, sometimes it’s hard, mothers won’t believe you, it’s hard to prove anything but it’s worth trying even if everyone hates you.
I remember once I started telling someone what was going to happen with so and so’s new boyfriend and her daughter. The next thing I heard was, “Who told you?” No one had and guess that’s the point.
Really concretely I’ve only stopped one rape, but I put that high on my list of achievements. But as you know because he didn’t do anything – he is still out there. F***ing people up. I used to wake up and wonder why I didn’t kill the son-of-a-*****. I still wonder some days. Life really sucks................
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