No Exceptions

It disturbs me when I see groups about people who have rape fantasies. OK, so maybe you dream of controlling, or being controlled by, your partner. Maybe you'd do a little role playing.

But that isn't rape.

Rape is someone violating your intimacy, your body. Sex is something special, and when it's being forced on you, that special-ness turns to horrible-ness. Something that should be beautiful and fun and special is distorted into pain, hurt and confusion. It's nothing sexy. It's an abuse of power. And not only are the emotional wounds deep, they are also hard to heal and they get infected easily.

Rape is nasty and criminal. It's never, ever OK.
DancingFox DancingFox
31-35, F
5 Responses Nov 4, 2012

I mean, ik I'm late, and ik I'm gonna get completely slammed for this at some point. But I disagree. Not that rape is always wrong, that's true. But rape fantasies can and sometimes are fantasies about 100% rape. I understand where you're coming from...but Yea

I agree 100%! To me, those images are bad, and I never ever wish to go through them. I don't get why people have those fantasies... x

rape fantasies are like "being murdered," fantasies. I have images of rape that come into my head, but not because I want it to happen to me or anyone. They are images of a bad thing. Never. Never.