The Night My Life Ended

I was only 13. I had decided to go out to a movie with a few friends. When we were leaving she said we should stop by the 18 and under club. So we went. And as we were leaving there was a man in a grey jacket, white hair, glasses, and jeans. I try to forget it all but I can't. He offered us a ride home. I rejected and continued to walk with one of my guy friends. As everyone else rode in the car. He dropped them off I assumed at the house and came back to offer us a ride again. We decided to go since it was porch black. He took us to a warehouse in some ghetto area. He chained my legs apart to a bed frame. And my hands to the posts. My male friend was chained by only his hands next to me. At this point I was terrified and wanted so desperately to go to the house. To go home. To be anywhere but there. It was too late. He took a fun out I don't know where from. My eyes were slightly blurred by tears. He put bandannas over over MY nose and mouth. Which made me incapable to talk. But feel everything, he removed my pants, and unchained my friend. He told him that he would kill us both if he didn't finish undressing me. I kept moving and begging him in my eyes to just stop. But he didn't. The guy then removed his pants and told F (my friend) to remove his. And he did. Then they also got completely naked. The room was cold. And my nipples were aching. He got on too of me and started to touch me. I tried to knee him but I couldn't. I thrashed all over but it was useless. The man told f to lie on top of me. He did. F did as told and touched me. Licked my vagina and groped me. The man wasn't satisfied and jumped on me. He entered me. I screamed in pain f began to cry. FOr reasons ill never know. He kept entering and exiting. And then he grabbed my breast and whisper to me "you must be cold little girl let me warm you up" and I was terrified, crying, screaming, thrashing, f standing there doing nothing. The man told f to enter me and he did. F stayed there trying to be gentle. The man sat on my chest untied my bandana and inserted his **** into my mouth making me choke. I had blood everywhere. And now I can't trust a man. I also have few guy friends now. F is the only guy I really trust and were dating. I don't remember how we got away but f says he dumped us in the woods. Thanks. And I'm now in therapy.
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im 14 i was raped and in a domestic relashionship and were still dating i have a story very simmialr to your exept it was my boyfriend he tied me down well i was sleeping and when i woke up i was tied up there was a bandana tied onto my mouth and i was naked when i cryed he entered and raped me and wispered into my ear if someone finds out about this,it will happen again and dont even think about leaving me cause ill find you.when he finished he untied me and told me just to sit in the corner and when i got up to run he punched me in the face im terrified of him i know how you feel the hardest part about it was that i loved him your story is very brave of you.... and im so sorry 4 what happened

hi iam 15 i was gang raped sorry 2 hear about ur story