I'm One Of Those People

Sometimes I just have to stay angry or upset in order for me to say what I need to say. I can't just put it off until I cool down. I can't.

When I'm angry or upset, it's like I have a fire in me that is burning me up on the inside out. The more I speak up while I'm simmering on the inside, the more that fire will leave my body and liberate me.

On the other hand, if I wait until I cool down lest I get carried away and say things I will regret to the person who has offended me, the fire in me will extinguish... And along with it, my nerve to speak up and say something. And all that will do is cause the offense to nag at me and torment me, even if I'm not necessarily angry or upset enough to say something at this point anymore. Eventually, I will end up exploding over an empty tube of toothpaste because it's not just going to be about the toothpaste anymore, but everything I've been clamming up about for the past six months/last year/etc.

That being said, I can't say what I need to say unless I'm pissed off or very upset. Waiting until I cool down just doesn't work for me. If I don't say it then, I won't say it ever.
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

I Make myself be angry (or more like pretend angry), in order to get my emotions out...

Lol, I've pretended to be angry too a few times. XD It's easier than speaking up when you're calm and happy.

Well, same here. It seems like the anger is some kind of drug that allows you to go beyond the boundaries we lay for ourselfs. When I'm truly angry, something that doesn't happen very often, I completely explode and am able to clear my mind and de-frustrate myself. Being angry once in a while is a good thing in my eyes.