Dear Jessica,

I know you hate me and all, you probably wish to never see me again. I just wanted to re-kindle that friendship we had before you..."left". Seeing as though your life, has gotten somewhat better, I assume I shall leave you to spread your wings and fly. I must tell you this before I delete my account, but you will not answer me, which is semi understandable. I love you, always have and always will, after all you were there for me through my darkest times that Ryan has never been told about. We had amazing times the insiders, your cat. But I guess I must let you go, bid you a good bye. At least until we cross paths again. Good bye.
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~ so sweet ~ i wish you wrote to me like that -_-

Kaylee, hun. I don't hate you nor could I ever. I love you too much to even think about hating you're amazing self, let alone actually hate you that's physically and mentally impossible. I know things got...."complicated" after that incident, but our friendship doesn't have to end. I don't want it to. We had too many funny times together. Tinkle time, my gay cats, those finches, that walrus, Mrs Cupcake Lady and everything. That's too meaningful for me to just throw away and you know this to. People who read this are gonna think i'm nuts, but that's why their insiders. Anyway, I hope you reconsider this letter and us coming to an end because i'd really rather not lose you again. I lost you once and....I refuse to let that happen again.

Well...if you mean all of that, I assume I can keep this account for a bit longer, at least for you.

Of course I mean it. Kaylee, you were and still are my best friend in the whole world. I would love it if you kept it, atleast for a little longer.

I'll keep it forever. Or until you tell me to go.

Well in that case you're gonna keep it forever. Because there will never be a day where I tell you to go.

Okay then:)

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