I Could Be Dying

I have something wrong with me, I know it's not normal, and I also know that it could be killing me. I am MUCH too afraid of the doctors, or to tell anyone. Where can I get anonomous help?
chateone chateone
18-21, F
3 Responses Mar 16, 2007

Hi Chateone, for phone numbers to call anonymously, each country appears to have their own. If you are Australian I do know their phone numbers, just message me<br />
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To seek assistance, I can recommend you some websites to start with:<br />
- Ideas on people who can help: http://www.reachout.com.au/index.asp?mci=3&mwi=2&tii=32<br />
- If you are feeling depressed have a read at http://www.reachout.com.au/default.asp?ti=1909<br />
- You can anonymously contact the Samaritans also at http://www.samaritans.co.uk/ who offer responses by email<br />
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There's a lot of people out there who are able to help, and I'm glad you've taken a big step in looking for some assistance!<br />
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Take care chateone

I can relate to this more than you could possibly think. I am phobic about Doctors and med procedures.<br />
I thought I had cancer somewhere no man wants it! My friend told me she had a way to help! She drugged the crap out of me and took me to the doctor! Turns out self diagnosis is a terrible idea. I spent a year scared stupid over something common and easily repaired. Oh and don't hesitate to ask a health care professional to assist you in the same way! Good luck, The things we fear grow as they persue us and shrink as we turn to face them. <br />
Everyone has different fears. Drugs used as a temporary method of facing unpleasant situation are a god send. No I don't mean street crap!<br />
I wish you well! Do you have a Pastor ? Or confidant or friend?

Talking to us is anonymous. Is it medical, to do with mental health, etc....?<br />
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You could always P.M me if you want. You need to talk to some one. I am here to help if you need it.