Mother In Law And Grandmother In Law

It seems that my mother in law and gradmother in law just walk all over me. I always do things for them out of the kindness of my husband, but its a never ending thing with them. And then on top of everything else they get mad at me when i say no, so i always change my mind. My husband says that i need to stop being so nice but it just seems that out of my chacter. I dont know what to do, its not like i dont have a backbone, i just am a nice person and believe in giving.


Ps. It actually is starting to stress me out because i cant tell them no, and i know they are taking advanage of me. :(
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just try and make a balance of things you do for others .take care:)

The back bone should always be your husband, not the reverse. Try telling them your husband said no, after a brief discussion with him. That put the pressure on him and not you. If he said to say no, than you can reverse later and say he lied to you. That will keep him in the straight about decision making.<br />
Good luck with the battle, but the war is not over yet.