Lost In The Quiet

Ever get that unsettled feeling?  I forgot to do something, I lost something..looking around to see if all is right. and  as it should be.Something is missing and I cannot find my center of peace..I have to settle down .  Strange.. What an uncomfortable feeling.
wiseowl wiseowl
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6 Responses Jul 25, 2010

Me too! I need to go Christmas shopping..Payday is tomorrow..Bah! I'm sitting here doing zipola. I thought of baking cookies but that's just more junk food. Home is cleaned, laundry done..I'm just bored. :>(

Oh my gosh ... this is what I am feeling today and for absolutely no reason whatsoever. My head is all over the place and no place! Hard to just flow with it ... when instead of flowing ... I am zig zagging!

I'm so scattered brained today..maybe the heat wave has made me feel poorly..

4 am here, how about breakfast ?

Tis I and maybe that's what I need ..I good fly over for a chat.Actually it sounds fun.Tea time!

you that fly on my wall again?