Pent Up Feelings To The Point Of Exploding.

I have shared with EP many experiences and emotions that I have kept hidden to the outside world probably through fear of reaction and ridicule.This sharing of feelings has been like lifting a huge weight off my shoulders.During my time when at the rock bottom depths of depression I had all kinds of therapy however none of them worked for me as I can not express my feelings face to face.I put that down to the sexual abuse that I suffered as a child.Recalling those events and so many others and posting them onto this site has been an enormous benefit in my recovery and I would recommend it to anybody.
I grow stronger day by day and I honestly associate the sharing of these experiences with my rapid upturn well on the road to recovery.Thank you EP just for being there.Thank you to all of you who have posted replies or made contact by some other method.There are so many kind hearted people here,it is so touching how a total stranger can be so kind it fills me with warmth and a sense of well being.
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4 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Indeed,true.To be open and honest on EP is so beneficial,the positives far outweigh the negatives.

who dares wins

I agree with you... letting the pressure off by sharing things here has already been a great help to me. I often feel like I'm going to explode if I can't vent some of the frustration and emotional 'stuff' that occupies my mind 24/7. <br />
I can't even shut off my mind sometimes, long enough to get some recuperative sleep. Finding this site has been a great outlet for my emotions and pent up tension.<br />
I'm also glad I found you... finding your 'gestures' in my 'inbox' brighten my days.

Thank you,much appreciated.