Taking Control Of My Life

Hey everyone :-)

How are you? I hope you're incredibly well.

Do you sometimes feel like you just simply don't have control over your life? Many situations, people or events dictating where you're going in life rather than being the 'captain of your soul'?

The great challenge in life is to take control of our own lives, to carve our own path through life that fulfills and inspires others rather than living out a life that others or society has chosen for us. That isn't freedom!!!

To be free, we need to learn what freedom actually means. Ultimately the greatest area in which we need to be free, is free from ourselves, our conditioned mental beliefs - the inner voices that tells us we can't do anything, or we are not capable.

Here is a great article relating to that :-) Enjoy :-)


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changemakers changemakers
26-30, M
Dec 10, 2012